Oh my word, it’s been forever since I blogged!  I have missed it so!

Lots of things happened!

We Got Married

We Went on a honeymoon

(to see the photos, click on the “Our Wedding” page ^^^^up there^^^^)


And there have also been other things since.

Nick had knee surgery on October 6th.  It went a lot better than we had hoped it would!  He just had some scartissue built up inside, and so the doc scoped them out!  His recovery was really fast, and the poor thing was bored to death until he could go back to work.  (A month after the surgery)

I also got a new job!  Well, a second job, that is.

I am now a professional newborn photographer!  It is so exciting!  I get to go to most of the hospitals along the Wasatch Front, and photograph the lil’ ones when they are just hours old.  I cannot tell you how much fun I am having!  At first, it was kind of scary, like any new job, but I finally feel like I’m getting the hang of it.

The company I’m working for is called Bella Baby Photography.  It’s a pretty sweet gig for part time.  I just love all the little babies and their families that I get to meet!  Meeting new people is one of my favorite things!  Plus, I’m getting great photography experience and lots of baby-lovin’ experience.  Totally awesome.  Although, I did get pooped on the other day…..  🙂

I am also in my last LAST LAST semester at the U!  WOOOO-WOOO!  This has been a long time comin’! Right now, I have 12 credit hours-ish and its killing me!  I have a couple easy classes,and a couple hard classes, but either way, they are all requiring SO MUCH TIME!!!!!  I feel like i can’t even breathe.  I am SO ready to be done!  Two weeks is the end- but in that time, I have to write a 20 page, publishable paper, a 15 page website  (yes, code and all), write a political blog, and do some math quizzes.  NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO IT.  So, if i don’t check back here for a couple weeks, you’ll know why!

That’s all for now,

But……………. we should be able to announce some more big news by the end of December!  exciting news it is!!!!  Stay tuned!