Wallpaper Paste: My Nemesis.

We’re making some headway on the house!  We’ve done lots of demo.  I don’t really have photos of that process, however because I wasn’t there.  So you get to see it mostly cleaned up.

Remember the long dark hallway?

it is no more!

we tore that wall out so that now, it’s one big space.  I am SO happy we did it! I love how much light is in there now!

I’m also happy that the ugly aqua blue carpet is gone!

We also tore off the awful wallpaper in the mudroom.  This left behind a wall  covered in paste.  50 year old paste.   Being the genius that I am (insert sarcasm here), I decided to use my fantastic clothing steamer to get it off- to save the wall.

Lets just say, this process SUCKS.  Wallpaper glue is nasty, smelly, sticky nasty stuff.  It’s going to take DAYS for me to finish.  Boo.

On that note, have you ever used one of these?

This is a Conair clothing steamer.  Used in place of an iron.  I love mine.  Ever since I worked at a clothes store in the mall, I’ve loved these.  But, just in case you needed to know, they will get wallpaper paste off too.

We also moved a wall in the kitchen, so that we can put a modern fridge there, and a pantry.  More on that later.

I’m having a hard time picking out paint colors.  I never thought it would be so hard!  It’s hard to find just the right color.  I’m glad I bought samples!

I want gray in our bedroom.

I tried Kwal’s “Lace Falls”

but it was too light.  Thinking just a hair darker….like Kwal’s “Silver Lining”

haha, here on the screen, those look the same!  I promise they aren’t  🙂

I want a Tiffany Blue kitchen.  I will not settle for anything less.

First I chose Kwal’s “Pulpit Peak”

but you can’t even tell it’s blue on the wall.  I gave it 3 coats!

So I have settled for Martha Stewart’s “Enamelware” it is the PERFECT Tiffany Blue.  I am very happy with it!


The mudroom color needs to go with the kitchen color because you can see it from the kitchen.  I also wanted something fun- just because it’s the mudroom, and no one cares if its ridiculously bright.  🙂

I’m thinking either Kwal’s “Saladdin”  (seriously, who comes up with these names?)

or “Blue Mayonnaise”

which looks the same as Saladdin above again.  Blast!

or, to be dramatic, “Domination”

I guess we’ll just have to sample all three- after i get the paste goop off the walls that is.

The living area has been the hardest for me to decide thus far.  I want a neutral taupe-ish color.  I can’t seem to find the right one.

I’ve tried 4 different colors in there.  The closest has been Kwal’s “Lorette”

it looks good here, but on the wall, its just a bit too light.  Just not right.

Then, I found a photo on Pinterest that had the PERFECT color!

I’m going to have Kwal match it this week.  Hopefully it will pass the test!  I’m so sick of looking at paint swatches!!!!

we also had the wood floors refinished!  I am so excited about this.  Before, they were done HORRIBLY!!!   Some stain went with the grain, and some stain went against it. Plus, it was a heinous orange color.   I should have taken photos of the horribleness that it was.

But, after today, they will be beautiful.

I’ll post photos when the topcoat dries 🙂


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