Insert some witty name for a post here, because I’m too tired to think of one.

We’ve been working tirelessly on our house. Good things are happening, slow as they may be.

I found out that a mixture of fabric softener and water sprayed on the walls will get wallpaper paste off very quickly  (Hallelujah!)

See the texture on the far right?  All glue.  It was EVERYWHERE and it was thick!

But, thanks to the fabric softener, 7 hours, and my friend Erin for cleanup, it now is ready to be patched!

We also went through EVEN MORE samples for the living room, because I still couldn’t decide:

it looks like Camo!  I did, however FINALLY pick one!  It’s the second from the left  🙂  I can’t wait to get it on the walls!

We started the painting process on the Master Bedroom as well- and in my last post, i had said we were going to do a light gray……well, we changed our minds while in the paint store.  It was a sign.  We ended up picking a much darker color……  and we LOVE it!!!!  I am waiting to reveal it, however  😉

We primed and primed and primed to get the awful aqua covered up, and realized the window looked horrible, so we cased it:

doesn’t it look so much bigger with the white on the walls?

here is the window casing.  I think it looks so good!  We want to do this on all our windows- the best part is, it really wasn’t that expensive!  Plus it was super easy!

We are getting closer on our drywall, and I hope to paint the kitchen, living room and hallway this weekend, plus install baseboards, chair rail, bead board and wainscotting.

We started taking the kitchen cabinet doors off to be painted, and have started the prep.  Only when I got up on a ladder and had my face next to the cabinets, did I realize how beat up they are  😦   The stupid renters that were in the house before we bought it really did a number on a lot of things in the house.  Tonight I’ll be putty-ing as many of those dings as I can.  Here’s an in-process picture:

i’m planning on buying a paint sprayer to do the bulk of the painting in here.  Not gonna lie, i’m pretty excited about it.

This week we also bought our appliances.  We got a great deal on them at RCWilley on MLKJR day.  We have a working dishwasher (although it doesn’t match, but that’s ok for now!) so we bought a fridge, microwave and cooktop (there is also a pretty new wall oven).  I am so excited for them to be delivered next week- they are so pretty!

Right now, we’re just in a mad dash to get all the construction done before we move in in a week and a half!!! eeek!  Plus, we still need to pack!  I am so sick of our house being messy, but I think i’m just going to have to come to terms with it until after we move.  Its not easy for me!  While i’m loving re-doing this house, and am so grateful for it, I’m also kind of sick of the whole deal.  I really just want a night when nothing has to be done where i can go on a date with my husband………..   unfortunately that’s not in the cards for at least a week and a half.  Until then, i’ll be running on fumes.  To bed late and up early.  It’s ok though.

I promise my next post will be about something other than the house!


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