The Day That Lasted 1,000 Hours

This is Wednesday.  We’re moving in on Saturday.  We get carpet tomorrow.  Are we ready?  Not a chance.

My dad and I closed our store for the day to work on the house.  This is what the house looked like that morning:

The kitchen cupboards were ugly plywood.

The newel post was in, but the rest of the stair railing wasn’t.

The living room was a mess, with no paint, No chair rail and no baseboards- which all need to be done before carpet….tomorrow!

So, I got a paint sprayer.  BEST PURCHASE EVER.  The thing kicks some serious booty. It’s hard to clean, but i think it’s worth it.  This is what it looks like when dissassembled for cleaning:


So, I covered the kitchen in plastic so I could paint

and i moved the drawers and doors to the guest bedrooms, which were also covered in plastic so they could be painted as well.

That sprayer does a pretty amazing job!  12 drawers and 26 doors, thank you very much!

we made Progress………..

I also painted the ugly linoleum floor….i kinda ran out of plastic, and I kinda stopped caring. Even more incentive to get it replaced quicker!  I painted the window too…..and the old ugly dishwasher.  Power tools make me feel like a winner, what can i say?  When I get started, well, I get carried away  🙂

After much more back breaking work, complaining, a wonderful subway sandwich, and i’m sure a few curse-words- oh, and 18 hours later, this is what it looked like:

Railing in, and painted!  My daddy did a really good job on it, huh?

The kitchen is finally white!  and it’s so pretty!  well, besides the plastic that is…

Paint sprayers are the best, i’m tellin ya.

The kitchen walls are now BLUE!!!!!  Oh my, I’m so excited!

There will be beadboard on the bottom half of the walls- that’s why they are only partially painted.

And, we got the living room painted, installed the chair rails and the baseboards!

Plus, we revamped the fireplace and it looks amazing!  (Thanks, Jared)

Aaaaaannnndddd- we were ready for carpet!  What a long day!  Soooo excited the way it turned out!

The next day, the carpet came.  It’s so soft!  Love it!  (we still have paint touch up, and wainscotting to finish though)

next to finish also, is that built in you see to the left of the fireplace.  It’s half done.  It will be floor to ceiling built in bookcase  🙂


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