The Garden This Year

What?!  Two posts in one week?

I’m hoping to start blogging again for real.  No promises.  This is only #2.

Like I said in my last post, we were lucky enough to inherit a bunch of awesome mature plants.  I’ve been photographing them like crazy all spring, and so I’d like to share some with you!

Warning, this post is Photo Intensive!

The thing that blooms first is our Magnolia Tree.

It is seriously, so beautiful.  One of the benefits of owning an old house, for sure!

1I only have an Instagram picture of this one, though.  The poor thing bloomed for 1.5 days this year, before we had a big windstorm that blew all the flowers to smithereens.  😦

We have a flowering almond

DJP_0017 DJP_0020

And we had a few surviving tulips

DJP_0115 DJP_0125 DJP_0105 DJP_0107 DJP_0112

A Dogwood Tree

DJP_06192 DJP_0321 DJP_0306

Some random and totally cute Johnny Jump Ups



DJP_0659 DJP_0648 DJP_0601 DJP_0296 DJP_0204 DJP_0181 DJP_0175




and even pretty weeds


One of my favorite things in our yard is our Japanese Maple.  It’s 51 years old, and super magnificent.  it’s by our front door, is large, and takes up most of the walk up to our house, but I don’t care.  I’m not moving it!



And our roses started blooming just a couple of days ago.  So far, we only have the itty bitty pink, and the pink/yellow one.  I think it’s called a Peace Rose.

DJP_0084 DJP_0070

We have plans for a crazy awesome garden full of lots more flowers.  I’m excited to get things cleaned out enough to plant!


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