Last time I wrote, I was all excited about how I was “on a roll” with blogging, and how I wanted to start posting more often.  That sounded so great until……life happened.

To make a long and painful story short, whe have been busy tearing apart our house. Yet again.  I think this is the worst stint we’ve had.

Our house did not have a traditional furnace.  We were blessed with electrical heat.  This means, the ceilings are ridiculously thick, because they accomodate sheetrock, a layer of heating wires and plaster, and then another sheet of sheetrock.  A heat sandwich, if you will.

We are sick of it!  heating 4 rooms during the winter costs $400 per month!  That, and we don’t have air conditioning.  Nope. Not even a little.  We slept downstairs during the summer months.  It just wasn’t good any way you looked at it.

Enter……what we’ve been doing lately.

We hired some dudes to come in and run duct work throughout our entire house, and install a regular gas furnace, along with a water heater and an air conditioner.

To say it’s been a fiasco, doesn’t even begin to explain it.

In order to get ready for the shenanigans, WE had to tear out EVERY SINGLE LITTLE BIT of the ceilings downstairs.  It was hard.  there was pain, there were tears.  Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating about the tears, but it really was awful.

We only had……3 days to complete this task.  WHAT A NIGHTMARE.  Did I mention we have 1800 square feet of ceiling in our basement?

First, we started on the tiny hallway and bathroom downstairs…..

20130717_163658 - Copy20130717_111036 - Copy It was a lot worse than we thought it would be.  our tiny bathroom and hallway took the better part of 8 hours to finish.  Plus, when we got into the ceiling, we found the wires….burned.  That’s not scary at all….

20130717_120713 - Copy


We’re guesstimating that about 35% of the wires in here looked just like this.

Then, we moved on to the storage side of our basement.  It was much much easier, as it isn’t heated.  Only a single layer of sheetrock, without mud or paint.  we got it done in about an hour and a half.

The aftermath:

20130721_174814 20130721_174806


I had to stand on that chair with the pink seat the whole time.  I’m not tall enough, the neck ache that came afterward was awful!

And then came the big room:


20130721_164053 20130721_164023 - Copy



This is what the heat looks like.  Luckily, nothing in our big room was burned.



Pulling down the heat wires:

20130721_193453 20130721_193512


And then this happened:

20130721_202351it was madness.  Those wires were stapled every inch and snaked the entire ceiling.  I’m glad I wasn’t the one putting them up!  Ripping them down was much easier!

This left us with heavily insulated ceilings.  The insulation was held in by plastic, and we decided to leave it in, and have the HVAC guys only cut out what they needed to.


So, on the day they came, they probably cut out 1/4 or less of the insulation, but we still ended up with this:



and this:

20130723_192307 20130730_082757


And don’t forget this one:



Here’s a size reference for you.  This was, in fact, the SMALLEST pile!



This is also the only one that has been cleaned up so far.  It took me a dustpan, 1 hour and 10 giant contractor garbage bags to get this baby outta here!   I have never needed a shower as bad as I did after I did that!

Speaking of showers……. our basement bathroom is the only bathroom in the house with a shower in it  (for now).  Since we have bare insulation in there right now, we haven’t been able to shower in it for fear of getting it moldy with the condensation.

So……. for the last 3 weeks, we have been showering at my in-law’s house.  I’m grateful that they are only next door, but it’s still been a giant pain!

They managed to get all of our heating and air done, and it’s working!  It’s a nice 70 degrees and I am so happy about it!  There were some crappy things that happened, some good things that happened, and things I’ll just have to live with.  When your house wasn’t built to have duct work put in, sometimes you have to compromise, even when you want to cry.  The worst things that happened were this:



This is where they had to go under the ceiling, because apparently when they built our house, they thought it would be a good idea to have the floor joists change directions part way through.  This was the only place we could do a run, but it totally took out my built in next to the fire place. TEAR.  But, if we hadn’t done it, two of our bedrooms would not have heat or ac.  So, Dani had to deal.  oh, and while they did this, they cut a major power line for the basement.  Took out half the basement lights and plugs.  We were furious.  They fixed it though, so all is well again.

And then this happened:



That would be a vent right in front of my stupid kitchen sink. Where I have already tripped and stubbed my toes numerous times.  Too bad for us, our foundation ends 3.5 feet before the main floor does.  FAIL.

Oh, and then there is this:



This is my banister.  I guess they thought it would be a good idea to bring a furnace in and over the railing and down our stairs than just straight in the basement.  But who am I? What do I know?  I’ll tell you what I know, and it’s that I’m going to have to sand and re paint my banister, and I’m not happy about it.


But now we have this:



and I’m happy to report we are sleeping in our own bed, in our own bedroom, and it’s 70 degrees.  And that, my friends, makes it worth it.  After two summers of having to sleep downstairs, and two summers of not being able to do much of anything upstairs, because it was so bloody hot.


Hopefully things can get back to normal  now.  Like……..the shower.




2 thoughts on “Lately…

  1. My ac vent for the kitchen is right under the sink, but it is in the trim between the cabinet and floor, it makes ding dishes in the summer so pleasant… cools off my feet! Sorry the demo work was a pain, but yay for ac and cheaper hearing bills!

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