A Little Getaway!

After our fiasco with the HVAC, we really just wanted to run away from our house for a bit.  We still had a couple days off work, so we decided to join my brothers in law camping in southern UT.  I had never been to this part before, and I was so amazed!

There was red clay, ponderosa pines, and the biggest aspen trees I’ve ever seen!  Not to mention all the free range cattle everywhere!  (Don’t worry, it didn’t smell)

We went off-roading, hiking, and cow chasing.  It was a glorious 2 days.

Here was our campsite:


And nearby, cliffs like this:

DJP_0776 Eastforkpan_1edit eastforkpan_2edit


Amazing, right?

We also ran into a whole ton of little ground squirrels.  They were not  afraid of us at all!  I coined them “The Little Buddies”

DJP_0812 DJP_0807


And then there were the cows.  One morning, we woke up to their mooing.  Apparently babies don’t like it when they can’t see their mamas- even when mama is right behind them.  They are LOUD!  We saw a bull that was as big as our car!  They were friendly, though, and quite accommodating as we chased them away- although they were pretty noisy about it.

20130728_091418 20130728_091245 20130728_091130



That morning, I was photographing the group, and mentioned how I wished some would look at me.  Nick told me to turn around, and I found this:

DJP_0817 DJP_0824


I can only assume from their size that they were the adolescent cows.  They were boys, and they all looked pissed off. Haha!

And then we found this cutie:



I love cows.  They are just so cute.  and dumb.

and this dude with seriously lacking eating etiquette:

DJP_0857 DJP_0861


We went on a hike that  I complained loudly about half way there.  Nick wanted to climb to a peak we saw in the distance, and I was just SURE it would be awful.  Turns out, I was wrong, and our view was so awesome!  I’m glad we did it!

IMG_20130728_174617 IMG_20130728_174710 IMG_20130728_174750 IMG_20130728_174819

On our way back, we found a deer jawbone.  I don’t know why I was so amazed by it, I’m sure there are COUNTLESS animal bones out in the wilderness.  Maybe something about it being my first time seeing something like that.  Well that and morbid curiosity.



So, it was a nice little getaway!  I want to go again next summer, but this time, stay a lot longer!  There is something so wonderful about being MILES from anyone.  Ahhhhhh……



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