The Mudroom Muddle

It’s been a while since I posted about the happenings with our remodel.  It’s taking waaaaaaaaaay longer and waaaaaaaaay more effort than we ever expected.

At first, the only things we were going to change in our mudroom were the walls and floor.  Little did we know, it would be much more involved.   It all started when we {finally} got the washer and dryer installed.   They were across the room from each other, plus, the dryer sat away from the wall about a foot.  See Below:

That is the dryer completely installed.  it would not scoot any closer to the wall.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME????

And I really really REALLY wanted the washer and dryer next to each other, because, well, that’s just how it has to be to make my universe ok.  Plus, i figured it would be easier to do all that during the first round of construction, so we didn’t have to rip the room apart again. — Aaaaannnddd, I’m just a pain like that.

So, in order for the dryer to move next to the washer, the Sink had to come out.  We debated on where to put it, because one wall was an outside wall (which is a no no for plumbing) and the other wall is shared with our kitchen.  To make a long story short, we made a fake wall so that we could plumb through it and put the sink on the outside wall.

We ripped out wall, replumbed stuff, broke pipes, and made fake walls:

After all this was done, Operation spend-a-ton-of-money-on-the-mudroom commenced.  We decided to put beadboard up on all the walls, and put a whole ton of cabinets in too. It was so weird how the room was so large and there was no storage in it!  We went with a long one over the washer and dryer, with three sets of drawers with cupboards, a sink cupboard, and a tall cupboard for brooms and the vacuum.

Then it was time to take the washer and dryer out, yet again so we could paint.  I decided to use my paint sprayer.  i primed everything {walls, cabinets, the works} at once, then came back and painted the beadboard and trim white.

Then there was some debate over which color to paint the top of the walls.  I wanted it to be in the blue family.  Since you can see the mudroom from the kitchen (there is no actual door between them), i wanted the colors of both rooms to look good together.   Our kitchen is Tiffany Blue, and I had originally purchased a slightly darker brighter version of the same color for the mudroom.  Upon further pondering, I decided that was no good.  I wanted the mudroom to be a “fun” color.  since it’s the first room we walk into when we get home, and since it’s the mudroom, I figured we could play with it some.  I decided out of the blue (haha) that it should be Peacock blue.  I had the exact color in mind.  We went to the paint store, and I went through all the swatches picking out anything that looked remotely like the picture I had in my head.  Finally, I looked at the Glidden wall.  There was a color that jumped out at me, and what do you know?  It was called “Peacock Blue”!  my search was over.  Here is the room with Just one coat:

I looooooove it!

Then, it was time for tile.

{we did 500 square feet of tile in less than a week, more on that later}

This was me, up till 4 am laying tile all by myself.  i think i did about 70% of this mudroom that night.

Almost clean!!!!  By the way, it takes a whole lot of tenacity and about 900 hours to get haze off tile.  Just in case you were wondering.

Nah-naaaaaah! So pretty!  It still has a bit of a haze on it, but that’s ok.

and we still need to seal it.

Now, I just need to {finally} put stuff away!

all the cupboards are still empty  🙂

But, I can tell that we are going to LOVE this now extremely functional space!

Go Team!