In The Garden At Golden Hour

It’s been a long time since I posted, and I apologize! My life has been so busy, and turned upside down in the past couple of months. I have been thinking and thinking, and doing and doing, and learning many new things both about life and myself.  I will post a full report as soon as I come up with some photos to make it less boring.

In the meantime,

We have a yard.   It’s ginormous. No, really, it is.   Right now, it’s quite overgrown, needs to be organized, cleaned up, planted and cleaned some more.  However, there are some wonderful flowers that come out in the spring despite the disarray.  I took some time at golden hour (a nerdy photography term) to capture some of these beautiful blooms before they disappear with summer weather.  This post is quite photo intensive. You’ve been warned!  Enjoy!


We have quite a few Irises blooming right now- not all of them have come out yet, but to date, these are my favorite.  They have so much dimension!  They are a rusty chocolatey color with some yellow and purple.  Totally love them- there is a whole herd of them too, which makes me happy  🙂



We also  have tons of tulips.  They are all beautiful, although, i think i’m pretty partial to the multicolored ones.  I’m loving the zebra stripes too.  I think they knew it was my yard, and put on their best colors.  (I love zebra stripes a little too much)

We also have a giant lilac, it’s more like a tree than a bush.  It smelled wonderful! I loved the dark purple blooms!


We also have a beautiful blooming tree with these blossoms on it.  I have no idea what it is, so if anyone knows, please tell me.  I’m pretty sure they are too big to be dogwood.

We also have a Magnolia tree that bloomed earlier, that i did not photograph.  boo.

We also have a ton of weeds.  Yes. and sometimes, even they can be beautiful.


I was ecstatic to find a peony bush on the side of the house. At this time, they had not quite bloomed yet, but were so close!


We’re still waiting a a bazillion more iris, a rhododendron, dinner plate-sized Hibiscus, and who knows what else.  I LOVE SPRING!!!!!


Plus, we have 5 rosebushes.  Now, i’m really not partial to them. At All.  I was planning on giving them away to anyone who wanted them as soon as we knew what colors they were.

Well, two of them bloomed yesterday.  Nick picked one and brought it to me.  My mind is changed.  They are some of the biggest most beautiful roses I’ve ever seen!  I love them!  Here’s a few photos: I had fun with different editing styles here.