The Big Renovation

We Have EXCITING News!!!!!

I can’t even believe it……….


We are happy to announce that……..


That’s right!

This is why, for the past 3 months, I have been AWAL on most things in my life.

I graduated college, had to deal with the Christmas season at my job and in my personal life, and went through the ridiculousness that is buying a home.

To make an incredibly long story short,

This home belonged to Nick’s grandparents, and they wanted it to be sold to a grandchild- we jumped on the opportunity, even though we weren’t planning on looking for a house for a while.

It was a good move.  We got a great deal, and will be able to have a home in great condition, on a great piece of property, in a very nice neighborhood.

We truly feel blessed at the fantasticness of it all.

We had a GREAT mortgage broker- and if you need a name, I will HIGHLY recommend him, just let me know.

I only have a couple photos at the moment, but here it is from the front:

and here is the view from the back patio

This is a totally crappy photo, but do you see the lake?  Pretty sweet, huh?

The house is in great condition structurally.


That’s ok though,

We’re planning on renovating!  It’s exciting!

I am going to keep posting stuff as we go under the “The Big Renovation” page at the top of the blog ^^^^

and you can see our progress as we move along!

We have a lot of ideas and are really excited to start!

What i’m not so excited about, however, is the packing.

I hate packing.

But, I can’t really complain, because WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!!


During Photos:


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